Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Damn Dog

Does this look like an innocent sweet face? Ha.... don't let it fool you people.

Is this an innocent face?

Today was turning out to be a great day. I had finally kicked my butt into gear and was trucking my way through my work project. I was loving it. I took a less than five minute break to let the dogs in from a bathroom break and check my email. Seconds later, I hear a crack. My first thoughts were great she got another thing of churchable's. So I headed into her favorite space were she destroys razors, soccer balls and basically anything plastic. She never seems to destroy my stuff just Frankie's and Churchable's. Not today.

Look below and you will see what damage she has wrought. At least the yarn is safe. I would hate to have to call Tina and explain that my dog ate her yarn. I doubt I would last if all my projects had that result.

The face is not innocent because she did this.

That my friends is my only size 7 US Circular in the house. I have DPNs but who wants to knit a sweater on DPNs. I might be desperate. The yarn store is already closed for the day. I hope she has 7s in stock tomorrow or I will be driving to Portland or Vancouver. We will see. The first solution is to have churchable whittle them down and then sand them smooth. It only matters that the needle size is a 7 not the tip. What would you do before shooting the dog?

Let me explain also that I spent most of the day with her. She went walking in the morning, she sat with me at the computer all day and she even shared my knitting chair all afternoon. Every once and a while I would pat her head or scratch an ear. No gratitude.