Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WIP Wednesday

It is that same bad time again where I drag out my WIPs and show you how far I am.

I was kind of productive last week which means I did not work on my design projects as much, but hey I just turned one in today. Two more to go. Yeah.

We have a few members missing from this illustrious blog. One is finished and one is hiding in the WIP basket (he realizes that I am bored with him - I guess I will have to find a time when I need something mindless to do and I can knit the little bugger.)

So that leaves us with our little monkey, how she grows.


The monkey pattern is fairly easy. It actually is part of the pattern that I am knitting for Si, my sil. It is super simple and is very intuitive. The monkey has been walking around town with me while I run errands and wait in lines. It grew the longest when I went to the Performing Arts Center in Portland with churchable last week. I got to the heel and started working on something else since I had not decided what heel to do. I did a short row heel since my pal has never gotten the opportunity to try out this heel on her feet. Personally it is my favorite of the standard heels, but that could change when I start messing around with Cat Bordhi's new structures.

If you want to see the progress I have made with Si's Christmas present, you will have to hop over to my ravelry project page. I really am glad that I am done with the lace portion of it and I am excited to be doing plain st st. I am onto the smaller pieces and have a sleeve and the top portion to finish. This project is going fairly smoothly.


The last project on the needles that is of interest to my dear readers is the Entrelec sock. I don't spend much time on this beauty. I just lost the motivation when they turned out not to be knee-high length. But I am still working on them.

That is it for now. Look forward to a FO post and new projects jumping on the needles. There are several sock yarns jockeying for time, which one will get first dips (Hint: I have a skein of each type of STR. Will I give in to the wiles of the Silkie or go for a buffer sock?)