Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Before the knitting we have a message:

Aunt Carrie-carrie-bo-berry,
you wanted to see my cute little face in my new sweater. I can't wait to meet you and kiss you like I am kissing daddy above. You will like me much better than Fred. I am much better behaved and I am not interested in chasing kitties.

Now the knitting:

So I spent the day doing good pursuits but got in a good 5 hours or so of knitting. I know that I listened to about 8 hours of knitting podcasts and started and finished a ball of yarn on Sahara today. I am loving this knit. It is going so fast. I started it on Thursday night and knit on it some on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. I am an increase away from starting the hem. Churchable is kind enough to be winding up the trim yarn which is the Blue Moon Bling. I am going to swatch it tomorrow so that I can get the right gauge.

The sock above is the one I started at the beginning of the month. I barely worked on them and they are almost done. The yarn is so yummy. It is Blue Moon Sock Candy. The stitch pattern I am using is very tight and best suited to this stretchy yarn. I like the fit, but I don't like the bind off I did. I need to try a few more. I will do that on the other sock.