Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

This week has been busy. It was my birthday and I spent most of my time leading up to that day knitting for my sister-in-law Bud and teaching a friend how to knit socks and how to fix stitch mistakes.

I finished the shrug for Bud. I will post about it later when I can get a pic of her wearing it. For now I will leave you with a close up of the stitch pattern.

All in all I had a great birthday weekend hanging out with my husband all weekend. I don't normally get to spend so much time with him since he either is busy with work or Boy Scouts. This weekend he ditched the scouts to hang out with me. What a special girl I must be.

On Friday we headed out to my fav spot near our home. I am so lucky to live near such beauty. We had fun as the dogs played in the water and snow. The weather was clear and sunny.

On Saturday Churchable took me to the Astoria Crab & Seafood Festival. I was really looking forward to tasting all the yummy seafood. If I am given a choice of meats, then I usually choose the seafood option. The food was good but there was not very much seafood. It was mostly wine. Oh well.

Since we did not have very much at the festival, I made Spicy Steak Tacos from Cook's Country.
Updated with recipe on Experimentation of Taste.