Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Secret Pal Package #1

My secret pal Beatrice
was so great to wait while I was away helping my inlaws. My mother-in-law pasted away March 26th ending her pain and her fight with cancer. She is in a pain free world now.

This package was great. The box was a riot of colors on the inside. I loved the wine bottle tube. The tube contained 2 patterns - one for socks and the other for dog sweaters. With those came yarn to knit at least one pattern off each. The sock yarn was the most wonderful color of Koigu (I have some in a different color but I have not had time to crack them open). The yarn for the dog sweater will blend perfectly with my new puppy. I will be posting pics of her soon.

She also noticed that I cooked which isn't hard if you go look at EoT my other blog. She included this awesome spice mix called Thai Garden. We used it that night as a spice rub on steak. So good.

She also sent me chocolate. It was just perfect. Not too sweet and not too bitter.

Lastly was the amazing amount of work she put into the mix CDs she sent. They contained a whole gamete of things that I have listened to and liked and things I have never heard of. I was really bummed out thought when they would not play in my car stereo but at least they play in the house.