Thursday, February 08, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Tabblo: WIP Wednesday - 2/7/07

The three items above are what I have worked on this week. The entralec has really been interesting me; I like how it works up but I have to rework my sizing. The sock in the middle is one that I started so that I could have a small fast project to stave of sleeve island boredom from the remaining sleeve on Wicked.

I did not work on Eiffel or the fingerless mitts. I am waiting to finish Wicked before I start Eiffel and when I work on Eiffel it will be slow since it hurts my hands. I am unsure whether to frog the mitts. I really like the color and part of the pattern but I am not enjoying the thumb gusset.

I posted late today because I was really excited to finish something which you can see on FO Friday.