Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone,

I thought I would get you an update on what I am working on. On Friday I will show you what I have finished if anything at all.

This is my Wicked that I am KAL with the Sexy Knitters Club. I have one sleeve done. I have sort of stalled on this project because I dislike the way the sleeve finished when I BO on Saturday afternoon. So today I unknit it to an inch below BO edge and knit up a k2,p2 rib. I am much happier with the results. I modified the sleeve in that I added 12 sk2togpss every eight rounds at the underarm. I like closer fitting sweaters and with such a thin yarn, a tighter fit felt more appropriate. Maybe if I was doing the worsted weight I would keep the same dimensions.

This is an entralec sock that I am working on. I am so excited for the Spring IK to come out since it has a sock pattern of this variety by Eunny Jang. I have been totally excited to finish this but I realize I need to pay attention to it rather than just knit so it is more of a focus piece.

This is my own design for hand warmers using sock yarn and intricate cabling. I am really into cabling but I seem to have gotten my self saddled with mostly complicated patterns and so I am not giving this the attention it deserves.

And this is my Eiffel that I am KAL with the Sexy Knitters Club, which has not gotten much further than a say or so after I cast on. I thought my Wicked would be better travel knitting and the linen yarn is hurting my hands if I knit for too long so I have to take breaks.