Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pointy Sticks - Podcast

A couple months ago I was roaming around the web looking for radio shows to listen to while I cleaned, cooked and/or knitted. I first stumbled across the FLY show - I already read the website so it was cool to listen to them. Then I ran across Eat Feed - a great show on food on a multitude of subjects. Sometime went by with me listening to just these shows, mostly on my computer and not my shiny mp3 player (it just never occurred to me to download and take it with me.)

Sometime in the summer, I remembered this pastor I liked to hear speak had his sermons on the web. Well the only way to retrieve them was through a RSS feed, I downloaded juice and started downloading the above shows. I suddenly wanted more since this time I was uploading them to my huge (40G) mp3 player. I started looking for many things - board game reviews, gardening, cooking, and knitting.

It seems I would rather listen to the knitting podcasts than anything else. My fav podcast so far is Christine at Pointy Sticks from the city of my birth. Yes I am a Houstonian. There are not many of us born there. Most of my family is there except me and my parents. Its a great city, but I personally have seen the world and lived in the city and the country. I have decided I like the small towns best as long as a city is close.

It is cool listening to Christine talk about knitting and my hometown. I have not lived there for over 17 years but it was the place I lived the longest so far.

Christine shares about things going on in the blogging and podcasting world of knitting. My favorite segment is what is on her needles. This is facinating to me since I seem to be living in this knitting void were I knit and old ladies knit booties or scarfs. I go to the yarn stores but I don't see many knitters - I am busy on the one night a month they have a knitting group. For me, Christine is in my knitting circle. Her laugh is encouraging. She has great tastes in music. My husband tends to bust out singing Poke you in the eye at random moments, but I mostly listen by myself. At Christmas, she even helped me drive while everyone else slept.

Because of Pointy Sticks, I think I have become sock curious. I had made socks in the past but socks just seemed to hurt my feet. So finally I found someone to ask what I was doing wrong. Basically I was knitting according to the ball band and I needed to be a bit tighter. Now I am on the look out for sock yarn and patterns. I even went to Madrona just to look at the sales booths to buy sock yarn and only sock yarn. I had a few brands in my head and I was good enough to only buy enough for 3 pairs of socks - 2 STR and 1 koigu.

Thanks Christine for such great listening. I hope your second year was as great as your first was stretching.