Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday - Yarn Tastings

Manipur by Karabella Yarns

Manipur by Karabella Yarns
7.5 sts/inch on US 3s
100% silk
190 yards color: 150

Being not a big ribbon yarn fan, I expected to dislike these yarns this month. This yarn surprised me. I loved the feel as it flowed through my hands as I knit on it. This is definitely a yarn that would create lovely texture within a stockinette fabric. It is not difficult to knit with. The ribbon bits do not get snagged by the needle. My gauge was almost spot on the recommendation at 7.6 sts/inch. In hand it has a crunchy feel that is delightful. The patterns to support this yarn are all lace stoles. Since I did not have more, I was not able to try out what it would look like in lace. I think this yarn might enter my stash as a single skein to be swatched with further.