Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coffee Swap package

Spring Fling Coffee Swap

I got my Spring Fling Coffee Swap. My pal was Helen from the UK. I got lots of cool snacks from the UK that I have never had a chance to taste or see in my many trips there. There is some lovely green yarn that I don't know what I will do with it. The bag was handmade by my pal.

The coffee is awesome. I have been having trouble drinking coffee lately. I just discovered today that I am having trouble drinking flavored coffees. I get instantly sick after having a mug. I started the day off by heading over to Tully's and got some Madison Blend. Today was the first was the first day that I have had more than half a mug without getting sick. I had an entire pot.

Spring Fling Coffee Swap close up of the coffee

The coffees are Monsooned Malabar & Kenya AA. Kenya AA is one of my favorite coffees. It was the first bean that I was able to drink black.