Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was an odd duck as a child. Aren't we all.

The always green bamboo.

Orata tagged me for: 7 random things about me.

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My seven random facts:

1. I am allergic to petroleum products. Those of you who actually take time to read my swap info when it gets posted may realize this, because I keep rewording it to make it more explicit and exact so that my pals are not disappointed that I can't use the items they send me. I can't use anything that does not tell me the source of glycerin, lanolin (yes this can be fake), mineral oil, and parafin. I have decided that I got this allergy because my family line has always worked in the oil fields. I can trace back the ancestors that worked in Pennsylvania on the first discovered oil fields in the US. Now almost 150 years later, the toxins have built up and I have to watch everything I use. Foods, medicines, bath products, cleaning products, etc contain one of these ingredients on a normal basis. Sometimes I can find products that state that it is not made with petroleum but rather vegetable or animal based. Those are rare. As oil prices climb higher it might become more common, but who knows.

2.I love to listen to music, who doesn't, but I can't tell you a musicians name to save my life. My husband thought it was so funny that the first two years we were together, he would ask me “Who sings this?” I never was right and every time it was the Beatles. Yes I don't “know” the Beatles music. Occasionally he will catch me humming a song and go ah ha I knew you knew. I will look at him puzzles and ask know what. “Don't you know you are humming a Beatles tune?” “Really what song?” This can continue for hours till he realizes I really don't have a clue.

In High School I was always baffled by the people who said you should not listen to certain songs because the lyrics have bad values. I would ask for an example and scratch my head because the song had a rocking beat. I was always on the look out for the best sounding song. It was all about the beat and the mix of beat plus sound. It was no surprise that European Techno was my ticket to happiness. Words mean nothing to me in a song. It is all about the overall sound.

3. I spent the first 3 years of high school on 3 different continents. Asia, Europe and North
America. I tried to angle for a 4th for my final year of high school, but my parents felt that I had moved enough.

4. I used to wear a hoop skirt, petticoats, and pantaloons under my dress every Sunday when I went to church as a child. I even still have the hoop skirt under the bed in my studio. My nickname was Anne of Green Gables.

5. All my dresses up until I was 12 years old, were made by my grandmother. She used to take me to Saks Fifth Avenue and let me try on dresses, then we would go to the fabric store and pick out the fabric that fit with the style of my favorite dress. I had a new handmade dress for every easter and Christmas. The Christmas dress was always velvet.

6. When asked “Where is your wife from?” my husband tells people “I don't know. Texas?”

7. I have chronic finishitis. I can't leave UFOs around. It is an affront to my person. The only reason one happens to be around is because I have deadlines but as soon as I have a little free time that UFO comes back to be a WIP.

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