Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WIP Wednesday - on the road again

The last look at where I came from

Do you ever find yourself saying something and a song pops into your mind because it has been playing in the background influencing the statements you say? Well one song in particular has been playing a bit too much in my mind. I keep coming up with odd sayings that relate to a video on youtube that churchable has been replaying for everyone who gets a second and can sit on the couch and watch it on the TV. Now I make comments about making a "tribute to the best chocolate milkshake in the world" since we were out of one ingredient so I got creative. And then while driving to Oly this evening, I stated to myself that I really like "hard rocking music me amigos". Of course when I tend to drive alone my music is way louder than when churchable is with me and it is totally European techno pop music with a bit or goth-influenced pop-rock-metal. Churchable on the other hand is firmly in the classic girl vocal alternative music and talk radio. When we enter Seattle airwaves space, we fight over who gets to listen to what station. I always vote for C89.5, but then it is the only station like it anywhere I have ever been.

This week I have felt productive, but I think these pictures will show you that I have not been productive with the knitting. I have been productive in getting food into the freezer so that I can knit more and cook less. I have also been productive in getting a pattern reworked and sent to my new tech editor and talking to my test knitter about specifics. Yeah me!

So hopefully I will get a bit more knit this week. I really want to finish something this week. Probably not done by FO Friday but hey maybe by Monday. So here is the current status:

Olive Oil socks on Oil

The twisted flower socks have been plugging along pretty fast since they travel everywhere with me and now that they are on DPNs since Mr. Bun ate the cable on the circular, I don't feel bad doing one DPN worth of stitches. The above photo was something that I had been thinking about since the color is called Olive Oil. I thought I should put them on a bottle of oil to show them off.

arwen seamed and second side started.

Arwen has been plugging along. I finished seaming it before I allowed myself to cast-on the Zeebee hat that I made for Churchable. I hope the sleeve stretches a bit after blocking. I know my arms are bigger than Bud's but this seems a bit too small. I know I read all the reviews on this and decided against adding more short rows to make them larger but oh well. Bud has skinny arms. She is only 16.

mitten yarn

I have picked the yarn for my mittens for the No More Humdrum mitten swap. The red is amazing. It is a beautiful Mountain colors colorway and then the black is one that I used way back when I first started knitting a pair of stain glass mittens. I plan on creating my own pattern. I have an idea and I will be releasing it out into the world once it is done.

In other news, the Spring Interweave Preview is up. I am so in love. I think the Spring issue is going to keep being my favorite issue each year. I also think I will keep making skirts each spring. Now to figure out a yarn.