Friday, September 07, 2007

This is just not my week


Well my last post stated that I was going to hang with my fam. It was a really great day with a weird ending.


I had been taking photos like the ones above and really feeling like I was doing well artistically with them. We hung out in Astoria, visiting the Column, eating fish n chips from a tug shack, playing on the beach, eating ice cream and visiting the sea lions. I got so excited about seeing the sea lions that I went to grab my camera and it was gone. I shook everything out of my knitting bag because churchable is always accusing me of not looking with a fine tooth comb. Well this time I was not going to mess around so I looked well but it still was not there. I looked under all the seats. Still nothing. My heart sunk lower in my chest. What is a blogger without her camera? I had a crappy old digital which I had used before this one, but I did not want to get a new one so soon after getting this one for my birthday this year.

Churchable grilled my on where I had remembered using it and seeing it when digging around in the abomination that my bag has turned into lately. Drat on the nice pockets ripping out because it was cheaply made.

I clearly remember taking the second picture as my last one. That meant we had to go all the way back to the beach. I totally doubted that anyone would report it missing or let allow leave a bright green camera case lying in the sand. The color alone would lore people to it.

We drove back to Long beach from Astoria as fast as is acceptable and prayed the whole way there that we could find it. The whole time thinking we would have to deal with the lose. I thinking how we could afford it and churchable trying to train is brain not to guilt trip me into eternity for losing such an expensive item.

As soon as we arrived, we raced across the sands to the drift wood that I had spread my blanket next to. Off to the side we noticed a car stuck in the same exact location as the car that caused me to be distracted when picking up my blanket and stuff. Well it was not next to the drift wood nor was a close to the drift wood. My heart sunk even lower. I was feeling pretty crappy. The interesting thing was that my little piece of the beach was not disturbed by more than two sets of footprints. Mine and Churchable's. Hmmm. There was another set that came almost to the spot but not too close.

So we spread out to look at all the locations that I had been between getting up and getting in the car. Still nothing.

As a last resort, we asked the couple that was stuck in the sand and the group trying to pull them out. Miracles of Miracles, the lady in the car had gone to get driftwood to stick under the tires and had picked up my camera. If they had gotten unstuck, which they didn't and had to call a tow truck, we would have never seen my camera.


This is the lovely savior of my camera. Called her blessed people.

Now that my camera is back safe and sound, it will be receiving a tattoo with my name and number. No how no way is this thing going to be unmarked again. For the time being it is labeled with that printed tape stuff. Churchable will be getting out the dremel tool next week.